Fighting Food Waste: How to Eat for a Healthy Planet

Skipping the hassle of the supermarket is one reason to order a meal kit. Fighting food waste is another. Here's why it matters.

By: Anna Decker / 10/10/2016

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Gone are the days of spending hours searching the aisles and waiting in lines only to lug heavy bags of groceries home with you.

We’ve been digging a little deeper into how supermarkets actually work. We’ve discovered some surprising things that confirm our sneaking suspicion that Martha & Marley Spoon is the better and smarter option when it comes to planning and shopping for dinner.

How Much Food Is Wasted Each Year?

When you think about the supermarket aisles, what do you see? Thousands of different items that make your decisions harder. Why? Because supermarkets can’t predict what you are going to buy. The result? They throw away an estimated 43 billion pounds of food every year, and believe it or not, you're the one who ends up paying for that waste.

Car Culture & Food Waste

And it's not only food that gets wasted by supermarkets. With countless stores all over the country, supermarkets consume a massive amount of energy, not to mention your environmental impact when jumping in the car to 'stop by the market.'

"Ugly Food" Goes In the Garbage

Worse still, because 'ugly food' is not up to supermarket standards, on average 40% of fruits and vegetables grown for supermarkets is thrown away before it even reaches the shiny rows of the fresh produce section.

Doesn't it feel good to know that you're already making a difference by cooking with us?

Small Producers & Local Farmers Reduce Food Waste

At Martha & Marley Spoon, we only buy what you order, so there is zero food waste. We support small producers and local farmers. And every box is hand-packed with care in our warehouse. All in all, we send you the good food you want, without stepping foot inside a supermarket. So go on, breathe a sigh of relief: the weeknight cooking struggle is over.


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