5 ways to revamp leftover rice

Do you make big batches of brown rice over the weekend with the noble intention of eating healthy, fiber-rich meals during the week?

By: Anna Decker / 04/20/2016

Do you have leftover rice from your Marley Spoon meal kits? And then at the end of the week, do you find yourself tossing it all into the garbage?

I'm in the same boat—throwing out old rice once a week—and I promise myself each time that I will be better at menu planning.

I think an easier option may be to actually use leftover rice for something else. So don’t be dismayed by the sad Tupperware box tucked away at the back of your refrigerator. Here are a few recipes that will hopefully inspire you to whip up tasty new rice dishes.

eggs with rice and spinach cheese Buttered rice cooked with tender spinach and whisked eggs, topped with bubbling, grated cheese. It’s a homerun.

eggs rice spinach dish

arancini (rice balls) with marinara sauceFried Italian rice balls are always a delight, especially if they are crunchy, creamy, and cheesy. The trick is to use sushi rice, which is more glutinous and will help hold its shape while frying. Breadcrumbs add a nice crunchy texture to the rice and cheese mix.


fried riceThis is a literally a one pan meal. You will be surprised that the addition of a few simple ingredients like scallions, ginger, and chilli add so much flavor to this simple rice dish.

fried rice

rice pudding A delightfully simple dessert made with only 4 key ingredients. A pinch of fresh nutmeg and a teaspoon of vanilla make for a very fragrant sweet rice dish.

rice pudding recipe

Ham and rice croquettes Deep fried pockets of ham, cheese, and rice make for a very satisfying snack. The saltiness of ham is balanced by the mild flavor of rice, while freshly grated Parmesan cheese adds creaminess.


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