here's looking at you, internet

It's August! Practically Christmas! We're excited to make one of these.

By: Anna Decker / 08/05/2016

But in the mean time, it's still hot, and we're still enjoying the great outdoors.

And eating summer salads! Because they'll never be boring if you do your research. (Like our steak salad below, coming soon, photographed by the incomparable Linda Pugliese. We know, we're such a tease.)


Camping this month? Take notes from the Australian military and get yourself one of these.

Forget to take notes? Finding yourself unprepared? This should help.

And speaking of sporty things...happy Olympics! These are our favorite kinds of stats.


And if you're really into rings. And food. And rings as food.

Here's some other great TV to watch this weekend.

Could we have ever predicted we needed this in our lives?

Seriously, who doesn't love bananas? Certainly not this guy.

And finally, an update near and dear to our hearts.


Have a great weekend!

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