Just add love: our favorite recipes for Valentine's Day

The ladies of the Marley Spoon test kitchen have many things in common, including their love for good food and their adoration for their charming beaus. We...

By: Anna Decker / 02/03/2016

The ladies of the Marley Spoon test kitchen have many things in common, including their love for good food and their adoration for their charming beaus. We asked them about their Valentine's Day traditions, including the most important one--their go-to dinner to share.

Dawn Perry and Matt Duckor Dawn and Matt's Valentine's Day Dish: Seared Strip Steak with Brussels Sprouts and Celery Root For two people who work in food and eat out on a regular basis, Matt and I try to avoid restaurants on “couples’ holidays.” You know the ones I mean: New Year’s Eve, anniversaries, and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Instead, we like to cook at home. We open a nice bottle of wine, listen to hip hop, and snapchat each other doing dumb stuff until one of us says “NO PHONES.”

We’re getting married in July and as much as we haven’t talked about our vanity directly, we both want to look hot for the wedding (and I don’t mean sweaty, that will most certainly be the case). That means not keeping ice cream in the apartment and talking about bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches more than eating them. It also means eating real meals made of real food, sitting down at the table like grown ups.

Enter this Strip Steak with Brussels Sprouts and Creamy Celery Root. It only takes about 30 minutes which means we can get back to working on our dance moves and--Look!--A plate with 3 parts! Just like Michelle Obama says. OK, kind of, but it is a plate full of whole foods, mostly plants, with one smaller, super satisfying protein. We’ll gaze into each other’s eyes and feel just like Tom and Gisele if T&G ordered Marley Spoon. Then we’ll probably eat ice cream. Happy Valentine’s Day! - Dawn

Jennifer Aaronson and Paul Molakides Jennifer and Paul's Valentine's Day Dish: [Quick Cassoulet with Fennel and Duck Sausage]

For my husband and I, Valentine's Day is time when we get to treat ourselves to a special "adult" meal (ie. no kids!). One of our all time favorite dishes is cassoulet- that warm, rich stewy mix of beans, duck confit and sausage. There's always lots of great garlic flavor and crunchy breadcrumbs on top.

My goal this year was to make a pared down version, in just 30 minutes but with all the wonderful nuances of the classic dish. I chose a duck sausage that is laced with duck confit as the meat and fashioned a crispy topping out of panko, parmesan and melted butter. It truly feels like a treat to eat, sharing straight from the pot with a great bottle of wine. -Jen

Sanae Lemoine and Geoffroy Sanaë and Geoffroy's Valentine's Day Dish: Steamed Salmon and Kimchi Kale with Ginger-Sesame Sauce

When I was thinking about what meal I’d want to share with my boyfriend on Valentine’s day, I knew it would involve rice and fish, two of our favorite ingredients. I love the fragrance of this dish. Because the salmon is steamed, it won’t stink up your kitchen, and if anything the ginger, scallions and cilantro stems infuse the fish with an intoxicating aroma. I’ve been obsessed with Kimchi Kook’s mild and crunchy white kimchi. It doesn’t have the kick of fiery kimchi, but it adds brightness to the red kale. As a fermented food, it also balances out the richness of salmon. The ginger-tamari dressing is particularly delicious when drizzled on the rice for a special finish.

I like that this is the kind of recipe you can cook together. One person rinses the rice while the other preps the veggies. One person steams the fish while the other sautés the kale. There are plenty of simple activities to keep four hands busy. I’d want to pair this meal with a white wine or rosé (even though it’s not the season!). This meal is light enough so that you’ll still have room for a chocolate dessert. -Sanaë

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