Martha Stewart’s easy Oscar party snacks

Here are the nominees for best party snack: ham and spinach dip, twice-cooked potatoes, and Oscar popcorn! Before the awards are given out, make sure your party...

By: Anna Decker / 02/21/2017

Martha Stewart dip recipes

Here are the nominees for best dip recipes!

Spicy shrimp dip

Photo: Spicy Shrimp Dip

Romesco dip

Photo: Romesco Dip

Ham and spinach dip

Photo: Ham & Spinach Dip

Martha Stewart's snacks

Dates and blue cheese

Photo: Dates & Blue Cheese

Shrimp cocktail

Photo: Shrimp Cocktail

Twice-cooked potatoes

Photo: Twice-Cooked Potatoes


Photo: Gougeres

Oscar popcorn

Photo: Oscar Popcorn

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