Martha's favorite gift ideas for foodies

Finding the right holiday gift for someone can be challenging, but not if that someone is a food lover!

By: Anna Decker / 12/21/2016

My favorite approach is to give a homemade holiday treat and package it in a beautiful, functional vessel (such as my Kris Kringle bread pudding in a pottery bowl, or nut brittle in a baking pan with a mini hammer for cracking it). Other great gifts for the food enthusiast are handy kitchen gadgets or cast iron cookware. You’ll find these and many more suggestions below. Happy giving! - Martha Stewart

Homemade Gift Idea:

kris kringle bread pudding



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nut brittle


Available at Macy's

Martha Stewart Collection™ enameled cast-iron cookware

Martha Stewart Collection™ Modern Heirloom black cocottes

Martha Stewart Collection™ copper cookware

Martha Stewart Café

Martha's blend ground coffee

Martha’s Breakfast Blend – full-bodied black tea

Martha's Buckwheat — ancient grain tea

Martha Stewart American Made Vendors

Peg + Awl rolling pin

American Heirloom woodwork

Vitrified Studio pottery


Martha Stewart’s Vegetables cookbook

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