What's the Deal with Meal Delivery Services?

Here you'll find your A to Z guide on all things meal kits! Get answers to all your questions about Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, from our mission to our recipes and more!

By: Anna Becker / 05/10/2019

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The Story Behind Our Meal Delivery Service

So who are we and why are we here? We thought you'd never ask. We are Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, and we arrived on the scene in 2016. Our mission is simple: We make cooking delicious dinners easy and sustainable. Because let's face it, our lives are busy, and the world wastes far too much food (1.3 billion tons per year to be exact). We think that being busy shouldn't get in the way of cooking mouthwatering meals and that food waste is a solvable problem.

We help deal with waste and busy lives with our meal delivery service by sending people fresh, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients to cook delicious, wholesome recipes. Our recipes are designed by Martha Stewart and her team of chefs, led by Culinary Director Jennifer Aaronson, and on-staff nutritionists.

Though there are many food boxes out there, we are the only one proudly featuring recipes designed by America's favorite home chef, Martha Stewart. As the DIY guru, Martha has devoted much of her life to teaching people smart and simple ways to make the home basics just a little easier. Martha rightly observes, “our everyday lives demand better weeknight cooking solutions.” To help forge a solution, she partnered with Marley Spoon to bring her years of expertise into the homes of Americans.

Though most of us love cooking (or just eating) something new and wholesome, the reality is that we hardly have time to get the variety we want and need in our meals. In partnering with Marley Spoon, Martha helps people prepare inspiring meals up to four nights a week without demanding too much of their time and energy with her meal delivery service.

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon subscribers enjoy getting to sample small batch and one-off items from some of Martha's favorite local farms and businesses from around the country. Beyond artisanal ingredients, Martha also offers fun holiday specials like her Valentine's Day cookies, her Thanksgiving's Day box, and her Mother's Day brunch meal kit. Our weekly menus throughout the summer months also include Martha's best grill recipes and techniques. Some recipe highlights include her Grilled Sirloin Skewers with Zucchini Mint and Rice, Philly Grilled Pork Grinder and more!

Are Meal Delivery Services Sustainable?

Sure, we can all agree that variety and convenience are great, but what about the packaging question? With insurmountable evidence that climate change is a reality, how consumers and companies tackle packaging and waste is critical.

Our mission is not only to make cooking convenient, but also to make the planet a greener place. We believe reducing waste starts with sourcing. We procure our ingredients from suppliers based on what you order and we only ever send you what you need! Instead of having to buy a jar of spices, we’ll send you a packet of pre-portioned spices for your recipe. No more wilted veggies in the fridge or unused spices sitting in your pantry!

According to a recent study by the University of Michigan, average greenhouse gas emissions were one-third lower for meal kit dinners than store-bought meals.

The elephant in the room is the box and the packaging inside. All of our packaging is recyclable. Our paper boxes are SFI certified (made from paper sourced from sustainably managed forests). We keep your produce cold with ice packs that contain 98% water and 2% super absorbent polymer (SAP), a non-toxic, non-hazardous, oil-based polymer. To learn more about recycling our packaging, check out the recycling page of our website.

What makes Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon The Best Meal Service?

If you love delicious home-cooked dinners and are often stretched for time, then Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon is for you. We make home cooking simple, timely and joyful for you by sending you everything you need to cook your perfect dinner.

We keep our plans flexible and our meals diverse. Cooking for two or your whole family? There's a plan for you! Even if your cooking for one, our meals make for tasty leftovers. We offer plans 2, 3 or 4 nights a week and deliver on the date that suits you.

We make it easy to fit into your life. If you're out of town for a minute or travel often, you can easily skip a week. Away for longer? Just pause your account! If you want to change your address, simply edit your address details and get Martha & Marley Spoon anywhere!

The fun part is choosing your recipes! With our meal delivery service, you can plan your meals up to a month ahead of time and edit them up to a week in advance. Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon creates 29 new recipes weekly. You get to select from 5 categories: Health & Diet, Vegetarian & Vegan, Meat & Fish, Under 30 Minutes, and Family-Friendly. So if you want to try some keto dinners or skip the meat all together, we make it easy. No matter what you're craving or what your diet demands, with our food box, you can be sure you are eating a balanced meal.

When it comes to cooking new foods, most of us lack the time to plan the recipes, especially during the week. Cooking with us means you get to try new things and save time along the way with our 30-minute recipes. Plus, save even more time by skipping the grocery store.

Our meal delivery service is easy for every chef and enjoyable for all palates! Our cooking boxes are as flexible as your life demands. Address changes, dietary changes, family growth, holiday break, or more variety in your everyday life. You decide what to cook and we just say - let’s cook it!

So, what are you waiting for? View our recipes and sign up!

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