We have the recipe for a greener world

an essential ingredient: carbon neutrality

Cooking with Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon means you get the exact, pre-portioned ingredients you need—nothing more, nothing less—delivered directly to your door. We want to ensure all of our food heads to hungry bellies and not the trash! But we need to think bigger than just food waste. That's why we developed a recipe for a greener world with an essential ingredient: carbon neutrality.


Greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to be one-third lower for companies that offer meal kits than average grocery stores.* By ordering a meal kit instead of a grocery store haul, you’re contributing to cleaner skies. How does that work? You’re saving carbon emissions through a decrease in food waste with our lean supply chain and perfectly portioned servings. To reach our initial goal of carbon neutrality, our first step was identifying the source of our emissions, then to figure out how we could reduce them. You’ve chosen a service that is carbon neutral—we offset all direct emissions, including all emissions caused by our packaging.


What are carbon offset projects, and how did we find them?


We searched for accredited partners and projects that supported our company mission while meeting international standards. The projects we chose to support tackle carbon emissions in different ways: removing carbon from the atmosphere through afforestation and avoiding carbon release through the use of clean cookstoves.


To date, our contribution to carbon offset projects supported the creation of 18,576 hectares of forest land through reforestation and establishing an important habitat for endangered species in Uruguay. With our compensation we also supported the installation of 52 wind turbines in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to accelerate the transition of energy to a fossil fuel-free future. And because we love to make cooking easier for people around the world, we contributed to the distribution of clean and efficient cookstoves to thousands of families in Zambia to avoid cooking over open fire. By cooking with Marley Spoon, you don’t only make your life in the kitchen easier, you make the world a little greener.

*“Comparison of Life Cycle Environmental Impacts From Meal Kits and Grocery Store Meals”, University of Michigan, 2019.

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