How to cancel a
Marley Spoon account

Need to pause or cancel your Marley Spoon subscription? Worried you won’t be able to skip a week? Marley Spoon subscriptions are flexible, and you’re in control at all times. Here’s a handy guide to skipping, pausing and canceling Marley Spoon.

New customers: Special sign-up offers to try Marley Spoon

One of the biggest fears with meal kit subscriptions is being tied-in. Don’t let bad experiences with other meal kit brands put you off: Marley Spoon customers always stay in control of their accounts. Skip an order when you need to – for example, when you go on holiday for a week… you lucky thing! Pause the subscription for a longer period if you want to take an extended break from cooking (don’t worry, we’ll remind you when the subscription is due to restart). Or, if you really must, you can cancel your subscription any time. No drama.


In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love Marley Spoon meal kits that we give you a good reason to sign up. If you’re new to Marley Spoon, subscribe to a meal plan here to get 55% off your first box. We’ll even give you 20% off your next three weeks, too! This should give you plenty of time to experience the convenience of Marley Spoon meal kits, the quality and selection of our recipes and our winning customer service that you’ll never want to cancel!

100+ weekly recipes

Choose a meal kit plan that suits your needs. Whether you’re dining for two or feasting as a family, we’ll send just what you need. Pick your favorites from a menu of 100+ recipes that we update each week!

Schedule delivery

Pick a delivery day that makes sense for you. Your food stays fresh delivered in our insulated box! Plans changed? You can skip a week if you need to.

Smart cooking

Skip meal planning and just start cooking! Smart, easy-to-follow recipes and pre-measured ingredients make it stress-free and fun. Achieve truly impressive results: make meals you’ll love cooking (and eating).

Existing customers: Skipping a week

There are actually many good reasons that you might want to skip a week of your Marley Spoon subscription. For instance, maybe you’re traveling to a work conference or going off on an exotic holiday – we hope for you it’s the latter! Maybe it’s Christmas and your Mother-in-law already bought all the food for the holidays 6 months ago. Maybe you just don’t like the look of the recipes one week (although with 100+ to choose from, we find this unlikely!) – whatever the reason, skipping a week is easy. Simply head to the ‘Orders’ area of your account and select ‘Skip this order’ underneath the week you don’t want to receive a delivery. Easy!

Existing customers: Pausing your subscription

In order to pause your meal kit subscription with Marley Spoon for an extended period you’ll have to navigate to the ‘Pause or stop subscription’ area of your account (don’t worry – it’s easy to find!). Once there, you’ll see a little calendar form which allows you to select the date you wish to pause your subscription until. Once submitted, we’ll pause your orders and your payment method won’t be charged during this time. Please note: once an order is confirmed or out for delivery it’s not possible for us to pause or cancel your order – be sure to do this before the cut-off date, which is usually a week before your order is due for delivery.

Existing customers: Canceling a Marley Spoon subscription

If you get tired of the incredible selection of recipes each week, the convenience of home food delivery or if you fall out of love with top-quality food, you can always cancel your subscription. To do this, navigate to the ‘Pause or stop subscription’ section of your account area and – instead of pausing – you’ll simply need to select the ‘cancel my subscription’ button. We’ll ask you to confirm to be sure it’s what you really want – we may even ask why, because your feedback is important to us – and then that’ll be it. No fuss, no drama. We’ll be sad to see you go, but we’ll understand!

In case there’s something we can help you with before you make your final decision to cancel your Marley Spoon subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

What our customers say…

How to cancel Marley Spoon FAQs:

We’re sorry to hear something’s gone wrong. Our friendly customer service team is on hand to help you – check out our Help Center for more frequently asked questions, call us or contact us via this form

Unfortunately you’ll lose the ability to use any discounts or promotions and any friend referrals you’ve accrued if you choose to cancel your Marley Spoon subscription – these have no redeemable cash value. Usually you’ll be able to hold onto promotions if you choose to pause your subscription instead – check out the ‘Pause or stop subscription’ page in your account area (found in ‘Settings’) for more details.

Of course! Goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. Keep an eye out for any reactivation promotions, or in case you find you miss us regardless you can sign up again anytime. Keep track of our latest prices here. Simply log back into your account and hit the ‘Reactivate Subscription’ button – your subscription will resume as before, though we recommend checking over the details to make sure everything is as you remembered it.

*Offer valid for new customers only with subscription sign-up. Featured offer is applied over a 4 week period; save 56.4% on your first box, calculated in your initial payment. Save 20% on your second, third and fourth box, discount auto-applied within your account. Shipping fees are applicable. Offer only valid towards a meal plan subscription with Marley Spoon, not including any add-on products. Offer has no cash value. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional discount.