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Cooking with Martha & Marley Spoon means eating sustainably, supporting small food businesses, and saving time to make time—for everything else you want to do. We’re proud to offer local, seasonal produce; one-of-a-kind products made by artisanal producers; and fish, poultry, and dairy sourced from trusted suppliers.

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Offering you choice is a top priority

We want you to cook what excites you, which is why we offer 22 recipes to choose from every week. You’ll always find something for everyone at your table, including kid-friendly dishes, healthy eats, low carb recipes, and more. We also bring back our top-rated dishes so you can cook them again and again. Create your own box with the dishes you love!

We’d love to hear what you think. Get in touch anytime with ideas, questions, or dish requests — or just to say hi! Let’s make something good.