Make it Meatballs Tonight: Top 7 Recipes

The meatball is a case in point that the greatest pleasures in life tend to be quite simple. While simple, they come in endless varieties. Depending on which corner of the globe you are, you might get them made from pork, crumbled feta and mint leaves or stuffed with ground beef, soaked bread and diced onions. Check out some of our favorite versions of the meatball!

By: Anna Decker / 11/01/2018

1. Japanese Chicken Meatballs with Broccolini in Miso Butter

We like to call these potsticker meatballs because they taste like the delicious insides of a potsticker dumpling. Full of fresh ginger, scallions and garlic, they get brushed with ponzu—a citrus seasoned soy sauce—when hot from the broiler. While they roast, broccolini browns alongside then gets tossed with a combination of miso and butter for a savory silky coating. Sushi rice is a pleasantly sticky accompaniment. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

2. Lamb Meatball Pitas with Spiced Yogurt & Pickled Cucumber

This dinner is so much fun to eat and so deliciously satisfying. We combined ground lamb with fresh mint, garlic, and cumin to make super flavorful meatballs that cook quickly in a skillet. While they cook, thinly sliced cucumber and red onion get quick-pickled in sherry vinegar to make a crunchy, acidic addition to meatballs. Aleppo pepper, a slightly smoky ground chile pepper, spices up the yogurt sauce that gets spread inside each pita pocket. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

3. Monster Turkey Meatballs with Charred Green Beans

We did the monster meatball mash. It was a dinnertime smash. [We did the mash]. The green beans cooked in a flash. Are you singing yet? Good. These turkey meatballs stay light and fluffy with the addition of plenty of Parmesan. Just be sure to reserve some for serving. Served on top of toasted ciabatta and alongside some quickly charred green beans, this dinner has family fun written all over it. Do the meatball mash. Cook, relax and enjoy!

4. Swedish Meatballs with Noodles, Jam and Salad

These Swedish meatballs are juicy and fragrant with warm spices—nutmeg and allspice. The trick is to brown the meatballs nicely in the skillet and use those flavorful meat juices to make a creamy gravy. Egg noodles have the perfect wide surface for catching all that sauce. We couldn’t resist a dollop of sour cherry jam for a sweet accompaniment. Cook, relax and enjoy!

5. Chipotle Meatball Tacos with Tangy Slaw

We have a theory that you can put anything—like meatballs—inside a tortilla and it’ll be instantly delicious. These meatballs get flavored with chipotle chile for a smoky depth. As a smart cooking technique, we mixed in chopped tortillas in place of breadcrumbs to bind the meat together. A simple slaw of cabbage, cilantro leaves, onion, and lime juice makes the perfect tangy topping. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

6. BBQ Turkey Meatball Sliders with Cole Slaw

Broiling is a fast and flavorful cooking method for meatballs. The outside takes on a slightly charred, sticky crust. The inside of the meatball quickly cooks through, but stays nice and juicy. Slather with more BBQ sauce and top with crunchy cabbage slaw for a decadent and delicious slider! Cook, relax, and enjoy!

7. Baked Grass-Fed Meatballs with Arugula Salad and Crusty Bread

Everyone has a go-to recipe (or cook - Hi, Grandma!) for meatballs, but they're usually a slow-cooking, weekend kind-of-thing. What about our midweek meatball cravings? This recipe is the solution! We season grass-fed beef with the king of cheeses—Parmigiano-Reggiano—and build flavor by browning them on the stove, and then finishing them in a stew of tomatoes and oregano in the oven. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

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