Our 8 Favorite Pan-Asian Vegetarian Dishes

With endless varieties of sticky crunchy rice and noodles, vibrant veggies glistening in sweet tangy sauces, few cuisines can compete with Asian street food.

By: Anna Decker / 10/19/2018

1. Tofu Banh Mi with Pickled Vegetables and Sriracha

The Banh Mi–meaning “wheat bread” in Vietnamese–originated in Vietnam in the late 19th century. It combines French and Vietnamese influences in one sandwich: a fluffy baguette with pickled vegetables, a slab of liver pâté or marinated meat. Our Banh Mi is a vegetarian spin on the original. We’ve seasoned tofu with a sweet-salty marinade and quick-pickled our own veggies. We think this sandwich offers the best range of flavors and textures, from the fresh crunch of carrots and handful of leafy herbs to the creamy sriracha mayonnaise and sturdy ciabatta roll. Cook, relax and enjoy!

2. Vegetarian Pad Thai with Carrots, Spinach & Peanuts

Pad Thai is one of our favorite street foods to recreate at home. Typically, it requires a lot of ingredients, but you're in luck because we made a pared-down veggie version in just one skillet. It’s OK if the noodles stick to the pan while stir-frying; it's supposed to get a little messy. And just like your favorite takeout, the leftovers will be great the next day! Cook, relax and enjoy!

3. Crispy Rice & Vegetables with Shiitakes and Spicy Sesame Sauce

Inspired by the flavors of bibimbap, this dish combines crispy rice, a colorful array of vegetables and a sweet and spicy chili sauce drizzled on top. The trick to crispy rice is gently spreading the rice in the pan and cooking it undisturbed for a good five minutes. Leaving a few clumps of rice (without pressing on them) ensures soft grains along with a good crust. Rice can burn quickly, so make sure to remove from heat as soon as the bottom is golden. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

4. Cheesy Miso Udon Noodles with Crispy Broccolini

In this dish, we’re using udon in an untraditional way. Think mac & cheese with an asian twist. The udon is finished in a cheesy, buttery sauce that has an added boost of umami with the help of miso paste. Broccolini is roasted in the oven with Parmesan until crispy and it’s all served with a bright tomato salad to balance it out. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

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5. Spicy Veggie Fried Rice with Brussels Sprouts and Kimchi

Sliced Brussels sprouts, protein-packed edamame, and scallions give our spicy veggie fried rice substance and lots of fresh pops of green! This is a choose-your-own-adventure meal: fold in all of the kimchi dressing for maximum spice, or just pass it at the table so everyone can add their own perfect amount of heat. Lucky enough to have leftovers? Top the reheated rice with a fried egg! Cook, relax, and enjoy!

6. Spicy Eggplant Banh Mi with Pickled Carrots and Crunchy Slaw

Banh mi is a classic Vietnamese sandwich, typically filled with pâté, roast pork and lots of refreshing pickled veggies and herbs. The bread has to be just right—soft and chewy on the inside, but crusty on the outside. Our vegetarian version has everything going for it: tender, meaty eggplant; crispy, vinegary strips of pickled carrots; and fresh cilantro. All topped with a creamy, spicy slaw! Cook, relax, and enjoy!

7. Asparagus-Edamame Rice Bowl with Furikake and Miso Dressing

Cooking rice like pasta—in ample boiling salted water—takes all of the worry and guessing out of the perfect rice to water ratio! Here, we use quick-cooking brown rice and toss it with some deeply savory and delicious furikake (a Japanese seaweed seasoning). As the rice cooks, you whip up the asparagus-edamame stir-fry and a creamy miso dressing to drizzle over top. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

8. Coconut-Peanut Rice Noodles with Blistered Zucchini & Green Beans

Satay dipping sauce is so irresistible, we thought it was high time it got off the sidelines as a dip and into the spotlight as a showstopping sauce. Zucchini and green beans get nice and charred in a searing hot skillet before getting tossed with tender rice noodles and the creamy satay sauce. It gets showered with fresh cilantro, chopped peanuts, and a squeeze of tart lime juice just before serving. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

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