Rose Scala’s salmon with roasted vegetables and green mayonnaise

When we asked chef and cookbook author Lucinda Scala Quinn to share a family recipe for Mother’s Day, we were thrilled to try out her mother’s steamed...

By: Anna Decker / 05/03/2016

We’re already fans of Lucinda’s cooking because of how delicious and simple her weeknight meals tend to be. Last year we made her rapid ragu with a secret ingredient (chopped mortadella) and the super easy vinegar chicken with polenta. We couldn’t get enough of the velvety meat sauce coating rigatoni and the buttery vinegar pan sauce simply spooned over crisped chicken.

rigatoni and ragu lucinda scala quinn

So it came as no surprise when the salmon recipe became an instant hit. We loved how easily the different components came together: bite-sized red potatoes get roasted whole without any prep, asparagus cooks alongside on the very same sheet, and on the rack below, salmon steams in foil packets.

foil steamed salmon

Our favorite component, though, was the green mayonnaise spiked with parsley, dill, and lemon zest and juice. It’s an addictive sauce we spooned over the salmon and the vegetables - we couldn’t stop dragging our asparagus through the mayo, and then cleaning the bowl with those tiny potatoes.

herb mayo

We liked the dish so much we had to dig deeper and learn about its origin. So we asked Lucinda for the story behind the recipe, and here’s what she shared:

“My mom, Rose, (Rosemary Scala) was a really great family home cook—adventurous, enthusiastic, yet practical. And as an artist, she was always open to inspiration. But she was also a 1960s corporate non-working housewife. I always thought her suppressed creative talent was channeled into her home. One day, my father had a business meeting at the Harvard Club in New York City, and this was not the type of place my mother frequented. She ordered the poached salmon which came with a green mayonnaise. She loved it so much that she became obsessed with making her version of it at home. And also by figuring out a home style way to poach that fish without a court bouillon, large poacher, and all that other professional business. For all these years since, whether it is a brunch party, a spring evening, or any special type of occasion, she makes the salmon. And if any of us (me or my brothers) make it for her, she is in heaven.”

steamed salmon with roasted vegetables

At Marley Spoon, we’re always trying to find clever shortcuts to creating delicious meals without any fancy equipment, dozens of ingredients, and hours of prep. We love techniques that can help home cooks get restaurant-worthy meals on the table, and we think this recipe embodies that very spirit. Thank you, Rose Scala! Happy Mother’s Day!

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