Savory leek & cabbage tart with cheese and arugula salad

Cabbage and leeks sautéed in a little butter get soft and caramelized in just a few minutes.

By: Anna Decker / 02/20/2016

Draped over puff pastry, they take on color and even more flavor as they finish in the oven. The trick to this tart is par-baking the pastry so it gets really crisp (you can do this as you prep the vegetables) and adding a layer of flavor-boosting Dijon mustard. A salad of leafy arugula dressed in a simple mustard dressing pairs perfectly with the warm tart. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

What you'll need: 1 sheet all-butter puff pastry 1 lb leeks 10 oz savoy cabbage fresh thyme 1½ oz Dijon 1 oz parmesan cheese 2 Tbsp butter 3 oz Brie 1 tsp white balsamic vinegar 3 oz large leaf arugula coarse salt freshly ground black pepper olive oil

Equipment: rimmed baking sheet microplane or grater large skillet

Recipe steps: 1. Prepare pastry Preheat oven to 425°F. Unfold puff pastry to a rectangle (if it won’t open, simply roll to 11” x 16” on a lightly floured surface). Trim edges and place on a parchment lined rimmed baking sheet. Lightly score a border around the edges and keep in freezer until oven is preheated.

  1. Prep vegetables Cut roots from leeks then slice into ¼-inch rounds. Place in a bowl of cold water to rinse then lift out of water leaving grit behind. Cut core from cabbage then slice into 1-inch wedges. Remove thyme leaves from sprigs and roughly chop (1 tablespoon).

  2. Pre-cook pastry Spread 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard onto pastry, staying within the scored border. Grate Parmesan and sprinkle over Dijon mustard. Bake for 10 minutes to precook the pastry. Remove from oven and press center flat if puffed.

  3. Cook vegetables Meanwhile, melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add leeks and cabbage and season well with salt and pepper. Cook, stirring until wilted and starting to brown, about 10 minutes. Stir in thyme leaves and season to taste with salt and pepper.

  4. Bake tart Spread leek-cabbage mixture on tart, staying within the borders. Return to the oven and bake until pastry is cooked and browned, about 20 minutes. Slice Brie thinly and drape slices over the warm tart to soften.

  5. Make salad Whisk together vinegar and remaining Dijon mustard (1¼ teaspoons). Season with salt and pepper and whisk in 2 tablespoons oil. Toss dressing with arugula and serve with tart cut into squares. Enjoy!

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