spring fish chowder with leeks, fennel, and asparagus

This chowder is a celebration of greens, fast tracking a typical summer soup into spring.

By: Anna Decker / 04/07/2016

If you’ve never shelled peas from a pod before, you’ll enjoy the simple process and phenomenal flavor that only fresh peas bring. Asparagus, fennel, and leek also flavor the cod chowder while the creaminess and bit of tang comes from a dollop of crème fraiche. Bright, crunchy snap peas finish each bowl off beautifully. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

what you'll need: 1 leek 1 clove garlic ½ fennel 6 oz asparagus fresh English peas in pods 12 oz cod, skin off 1.5 oz snap peas 8 oz jar clam juice ½ cup creme fraiche 1 lemon olive oil coarse salt freshly ground black pepper

Recipe steps: 1. Prep ingredients Cut root end from leek, slice in half lengthwise, then slice into thin rounds. Soak leeks in a bowl of water to remove any grit. Peel and finely chop garlic. Remove core from fennel and finely chop. Trim ends from asparagus and cut into 1-inch pieces.

  1. Prep peas Remove peas from shells.

  2. Prep fish Cut fish into 2-inch pieces. Season with salt and pepper.

  3. Cook vegetables Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a medium pot over medium heat. Add leek, garlic, and fennel and season with salt and pepper. Cook, stirring, until softened, about 5 minutes. Add asparagus and sauté until tender, 1 minute.

  4. Add broth Add clam broth and bring to a simmer. Stir in peas, fish, and crème fraiche and cover. Simmer over low heat until fish is just cooked through, about 4 minutes.

  5. Finish & serve Slice snap peas thinly on the bias. Cut lemon in half. Serve chowder in bowls garnished with snap peas and a squeeze of lemon.

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