the 5 best dinners you don't have to cook

We all know the expression–if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But then you're left wondering, standing in the living room: " am I...

By: Anna Decker / 07/11/2016

As a hub of creativity, community, family meetings, homework sessions, celebrations, and so much more, the kitchen has evolved drastically from its hidden workplace status of the past. We'd never want to have to leave. So we're eliminating the heat instead.

We've pulled five recipes from our archives that require no cooking (and thus, no heat!) whatsoever. Excluding a quick broil to toast naan for flatbread, each of these recipes turn their nose up at your stove and your oven, proving that good ingredients don't always need drastic transformations to be great–just a little creativity! Cook, relax, enjoy!

Greek salad with deconstructed hummus Chickpeas do double duty in this crunchy dinner salad: we mash half into the quickest-ever homemade hummus, then toss the rest with crunchy summer vegetables and salty feta. We’ve included two of Hot Bread Kitchen’s Za’atar Lavash for extra texture. It’s like hummus and pita with a salad in between.

Greek salad with deconstructed hummus

escarole caesar flatbread We love Hot Bread Kitchen’s Naan so much we can’t stop dreaming up ways to use it. We crisped it up under the broiler and used it as the base for this Caesar-inspired salad. We swapped escarole in and added fresh oregano for a new spin on the classic. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of Parmesan in the dressing. Some mashed beans make it a meal. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

escarole caesar flatbread

escarole and citrus salad with tuna and pistachios The vibrant colors of this winter citrus salad will bring brightness to any cloudy day. You’ll also get a healthy dose of vitamin C thanks to grapefruit and blood orange—a sweet-tart fruit with burgundy red flesh, originally from Sicily and Spain. For omega 3s, we’re sending you our favorite sustainably canned tuna, American Tuna’s pole-caught wild albacore. Cook, relax and enjoy.

escarole and citrus salad with tuna and pistachios

bitter greens salad with walnuts, chickpeas, & pumpernickel One of our favorite #smartcooking moves when making a salad is to combine many flavors and textures that elevate a simple leafy salad to a crunchy, colorful affair. This one gets slivers of toasted pumpernickel (a dark rye bread high in fiber), warmed mustardy chickpeas and cooling, sweet slices of apple. Escarole and endive have a bitter bite and hold their ground nicely in this satisfying salad. Cook, relax and enjoy!


chopped taco salad with beans & crispy tortilla strips This beautiful, crunchy salad transports us right to a white sand beach in Mexico. We made our own tortilla strips in the oven (it’s so simple, you’ll never look back), and added honey to the dressing for a hint of sweetness. Make sure to taste your jalapeño for heat before adding it all to the salad—some come in spicier than others. Cook, relax, and enjoy!

chopped taco salad with beans & crispy tortilla strips

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