Becoming Vegetarian with a Vegetarian Meal Delivery

Are you considering vegetarianism? If so, that's great! All the same, you might need a little help. Here is Martha & Marley Spoon's guide to starting a vegetarian diet and ordering a vegetarian meal delivery.

Becoming Vegetarian with a Vegetarian Meal Delivery

September 11, 2019

Are you considering vegetarianism? If so, that's great! All the same, you might need a little help. Here is Martha & Marley Spoon's guide to starting a vegetarian diet and ordering a vegetarian meal delivery.

What Is Vegetarianism?

First, let’s cover the basics; if you’re considering vegetarianism, you need to understand what a vegetarian diet is. There is, of course, no definitive vegetarian rule book, vegetarianism spans a range of diets, here are the most common types.

  • Lacto-Ovo vegetarians do not consume any meat or fish; they do consume eggs and dairy products. They are the most common vegetarian.
  • Lacto vegetarians don’t consume any meat, fish or eggs; they do consume dairy products.
  • Ovo vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or dairy products; they do eat eggs.
  • Vegans do not consume any animal products or by-products.
  • Pescatarians don’t eat any meat but they do eat fish and seafood.
  • Flexitarians follow a plant-based diet but they occasionally eat animal products and by-products.


Why Switch To A Vegetarian Diet?

It is estimated that 5% of Americans are vegetarian, around 16 million people. They follow a vegetarian diet for a number of reasons, including religious, ethical, environmental, health and personal preference. So what are the benefits of a vegetarian diet?

1) Eat Healthier

Vegetarianism is associated with a number of health benefits. Vegetarians usually have lower cholesterol and BMIs: a plant based diet is low in saturated fat and is generally (thanks to all those veggies) richer in vitamins. Although red meat is a good source of vitamin B-12, eating it regularly might increase your risk of heart disease. Vegetarians are, on average, 25% less likely to die fo heart disease, and there is evidence that they have a lower incidence of cancer.

2) Save Our Planet

A plant based diet will reduce your carbon footprint. The meat industry produces more greenhouse gasses than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Almost half of all water in the US is used to raise livestock; it takes over 2,400 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat while it takes only 25 gallons to grow one pound of wheat. Nowadays, you cannot turn on the news without seeing the devastating effects of climate change, from the fires in the Amazon Rainforest (and in California last year) to the melting polar ice caps: there has never been a better time to take action.

3) Fight Poverty and Global Hunger

Around 40% of the world’s total of grain grown is used to feed livestock. Imagine if all food crops were fed directly to humans—there would be enough food to feed an extra 3.5 billion people. A vegetarian diet is the best way to share out the world’s food supplies.


How To Transition To A Vegetarian Diet?

Transitioning to vegetarianism might seem scary, but remember, people have followed vegetarian diets for centuries. Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein were also vegetarians! These days, being vegetarian is far easier: most restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian dishes and there is a huge selection of affordable meat alternatives.

Here are some tips for starting your vegetarian regime:

  1. Moderation: You don’t have to go the whole hog (excuse the pun). If you’re worried about going cold turkey (sorry!), try meatless Mondays or meat-free weeknights. You can become stricter later.
  2. Try new foods: Focus on the new things you can eat, rather than on what you can’t eat. You might find you love vegetable lasagna more than spaghetti Bolognese!
  3. Substitute ingredients: Try tofu or seitan as your main protein, swap lentils for beef or Quorn for chicken breasts.
  4. Plan ahead: Think about meal planning and make sure you eat a balanced diet. Ordering from a vegetarian meal delivery service will help you cook healthy vegetarian meals.

What Are The Benefits Of Vegetarian Home Delivery Meals?

Yes, it’s easier to be a vegetarian today, than it was in Leonardo da Vinci’s time. However, many vegetarians still struggle to make sure they are eating a balanced and varied diet. It’s too easy to slip into a routine of cooking the same tofu dish every day, and french fries are technically vegetarian, but it is not advisable to live off them!

Changing your diet is a challenge; you need some support. Many vegetarians find that a vegetarian meal delivery, or meal kit, is the best way to eat healthy and save time. Let’s see how a meal kit, like Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, will help you switch to vegetarianism.

1) Creative Cooking

Ordering from a vegetarian meal delivery service is the best way to shake up your vegetarian cooking. Sometimes, all you need is a little veggie inspiration! How about 7 delicious tofu recipes or 20 vegetarian recipes even meat-eaters will love?

2) Healthy Meals

At Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, the in-house chefs are supported by a team of nutritionists. The calories and nutritional information are always included so you’ll know exactly what goodness you’re getting in your plant-based meal delivery.

3) Make Life Easier

Life is already hard, don’t make it harder with extra recipe research, vegetarian meal planning and shopping for vegetarian ingredients. When you order a vegetarian meal delivery, you simply select your recipes online and then the box of fresh vegetarian ingredients arrives at your front door. It’s that simple!

Mushroom Ramen with Miso Glazed Tofu

Vegetarian Meal Delivery With Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

If you’re looking for delicious vegetarian meals delivered to your front door, then Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon is the best vegetarian meal delivery. Each week there is a choice of at least 6 Martha Stewart inspired vegetarian and vegan recipes. You can either select a vegetarian plan, or you can view our 20 non-vegetarian dishes. This is great if you have non-veggie family members or if you want a night off from your vegetarianism (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone)!

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon works closely with American suppliers to source fresh ingredients from sustainable farmers, so you know you’ll always be eating sustainably. It’s Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon’s mission to cut food waste: the pre-portioned ingredients mean zero food waste for you and our efficient supply chain process has less than 1% waste.

Check out our menu for some more veggie inspiration and sign up with Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon to ease your transition to vegetarianism and start a vegetarian meal delivery.

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