A food delivery service with a
difference from Marley Spoon

Convenient food delivery services are slowly giving way to convenient home cooking solutions. But how do you know which home delivery to choose from? Discover how to make the most out of food delivery services and why meal prep kits are the future…

Home cooking food delivery services

A food delivery service is an old concept that has reached grand new heights. It’s the delivery of food, either raw or pre-cooked, so you can either eat it immediately or cook it yourself. With modern technology, food delivery services have become even more convenient and now include takeout apps and online shopping experiences. But one of the most exciting trends is the meal prep kit which allows you to cook restaurant-quality food at home. Meal prep kits take the benefits of food delivery services and match them with the joy of home-cooking. Imagine a weekly grocery store delivery that includes a set of fresh ingredients with easy-to-follow recipes. Meal kits give budding-but-busy home chefs everything they need to succeed!

100+ weekly recipes

Choose a meal kit plan that suits your needs. Whether you’re dining for two or feasting as a family, we’ll send just what you need. Pick your favorites from a menu of 100+ recipes that we update each week!

Schedule delivery

Pick a delivery day that makes sense for you. Your food stays fresh delivered in our insulated box! Plans changed? You can skip a week if you need to.

Smart cooking

Skip meal planning and just start cooking! Smart, easy-to-follow recipes and pre-measured ingredients make it stress-free and fun. Achieve truly impressive results: make meals you’ll love cooking (and eating).

The benefits of a food delivery service

We know that food kits save on time in the kitchen, but they come with a whole host of other benefits, too. Fed up with cooking the same old family dinners? Change things up every week with 100+ recipes to choose from, with meals that strike the balance between familiar and adventurous. Enjoy the freshest ingredients brought right to your door with nutritional information attached. No more needless calorie counting or diet stress; you decide exactly what you need for the week. Sourced for freshness and taste, you’ll get prime ingredients without having to scour the veggie aisle. Food delivery kits can help you save money, as well as on food waste, too. As your food arrives perfectly proportioned with no unnecessary extras, you’ll only cook what’s needed. That means less food in the garbage and less money down the drain.

Picking the best delivery service for you

We know that meal kits are convenient, fast, and exciting, but how do you pick the right one? There are plenty of services to choose from, each with its own unique qualities. For our money, the best meal prep kits offer versatility and flexibility. That’s where food delivery services like Marley Spoon come in. It’s all well and good ordering the first service you see, but not all meal prep companies put you in charge. Look for meal prep kits that cater to many diets. That way, you can switch it up to enjoy a healthy blend of meat-free and low-carb days. What’s more, recipes change every single week, so each mealtime becomes a new experience altogether. You’re in charge of your menu, choosing from 100+ recipes per week on an intuitive online platform. Designed with maximum flavor and minimum fuss in mind, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. Ready to give it a try?

FAQs about our food delivery service:

During the sign-up process, you will select how many meals you would like us to cater each week, and for how many people you will be cooking. We’ll then deliver exactly as much food as you need for each recipe – no more, no less. This means that you still need to shop for basic foods and anything you need for breakfasts or lunch. Our fresh food delivery will make your grocery shopping much easier, however. That’s because dinner is often the meal that requires the most planning and preparation. Saving time on four or five dinners per week will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Of course! Our food delivery service is meant to enhance your diet, not limit it. In fact, if you know you’ll be eating well-balanced, healthy meals 4 or 5 nights a week, it gives you a little license to indulge when you feel like it. The recipes from Marley Spoon are so tasty, however, we’re convinced you’ll want to ditch the takeouts after trying our service for a few weeks – meal kits offer a healthier, fresher and much more fun alternative!

Our service is designed to be used weekly, to make meal planning quicker and life easier, too. On weeks when you are heading out of town, for example, you are able to skip a week if you don’t need the delivery – the last thing we want is to waste good food! Skip as many weeks as you need to – you are always in control.

Your diet, your choice…

With an exceptional variety on offer each and every week, you can select recipes in your food delivery that really suit you. Special diets welcome! Whether you want healthy meals, low-carb options, meaty dishes or vegetarian, Marley Spoon provides meal options for you. From family-friendly meals, to quick & easy recipes, we’re also the kings & queens of convenient home cooking. Check out our menu to see what’s cooking this week.