What makes a good
family meal plan?

If you’re struggling to keep the whole family happy at the dinner table, make yourself a family meal plan. Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Here’s what you should consider & our top home-cooking tips.
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What makes a good family meal plan?

Vegetarian diets are becoming more popular as people begin to experiment with new flavor combinations. Don’t know where to begin? Here are some tips for starting your vegetarian meal prep plan.

Family meal plans help busy schedules

Family meal plans help busy schedules

Hectic and busy work or school lives can put pressure on our evenings. How often do you have to whip something up last minute or discover less-than-appetizing vegetables in the fridge? With family meal plans, dinners become less challenging; you have a better plan for what food to cook and when. All it takes is a little pre-planning to save time throughout the week. Help yourself succeed by avoiding complex or time-consuming dishes so that you’re not overwhelmed mid-week, and steer clear of any difficult-to-access ingredients.
Six Benefits of a Meal Subscription Service

To get started, gather the family together to compile a list of favorite recipes for a sense of how to accommodate everyone’s tastes. Planning with this in mind is sure to reduce waste and the need for multiple trips to the store! If you want to avoid the grocery store altogether, meal kit services offer a useful alternative. With Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon for example, you get a choice of 100+ recipes so you save time on planning, too. Either way, no more stressing at the last minute about what to cook or how to fit it in.

100+ weekly recipes

Choose a meal kit plan that suits your needs. Whether you’re dining for two or feasting as a family, we’ll send just what you need. Pick your favorites from a menu of 100+ recipes that we update each week!

Schedule delivery

Pick a delivery day that makes sense for you. Plans changed? Our insulated box keeps your food refrigerated. You can skip a week if you need to, when you’re going on holiday, for example - you’re in control.

Smart cooking

Skip meal planning and just start cooking! Smart, 6-step recipes and pre-measured ingredients make it easy and fun. Achieve truly impressive results: make meals you’ll love cooking (and eating).

Teach your family the joy of cooking

Teach your family the joy of cooking

Catching up with your children over dinner is a treasured moment. There’s something special about sharing and caring over a delicious bowl of pasta. Bring that relationship between family and dinner back with a well-planned weekly menu. Involve your children in the process by picking out favorites and planning out meals. Tired of the same dishes every evening? A meal plan helps introduce new flavors and discover new family favorites together.
In fact, with easy-to-make recipes, you can discover (or rediscover) the joy of cooking with your family too. A meal kit service like Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon develops recipes that offer maximum flavor for minimum effort and complication. Ingredients are pre-portioned and all meals can be made in six steps or fewer! Choose from delicious family staples or deliberately challenge yourselves to try new things. Every week, you can try something different – and it’s all certain to be tasty and satisfying.

Develop healthy habits with the right family meal plan

Build a healthy and happy home with a family meal plan. It’ll give you extra time together as a family and more spare change. That’s because you only buy and cook what you need. No more needless waste or produce that goes bad. Good kitchen management rubs off on your kids, too, so you’ll be instilling great life lessons, too! Planning your meals may sound time-consuming, but it’s not. It’s a fun family activity with benefits that far outweigh the costs.

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We’ve seen that it will save you time, but it will also teach you healthy eating. Cooking is the easiest way to improve dietary choices, and you’ll know exactly what goes into every meal. Mix it up with low calorie, vegan, and high-protein days with a wealth of kid-friendly recipes. Meal planning is also a great way to teach your kids to reduce their carbon footprint; portion control, reduced waste, seasonal ingredients – every little helps.

Your diet, your choice…

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon is the versatile meal kit delivery service bursting with flavor. Select the meals your family will love for delivery to your door every week. From family-friendly meals, to quick & easy recipes, we’re also the kings & queens of convenient home cooking. Check out our menu to see what’s cooking this week.