Reduce, Reuse Recycle

We're working to minimize our environmental impact. Take care of your packaging to make meal times even greener than your greens.

Reuse the ice packs

To recycle, cut the bag open. Discard the non-toxic, non hazardous material in your trash. Recycle the outside plastic as a #4 plastic. If your local curbside pickup doesn't accept #4 plastics, find your local recycling center here: http://search.earth911.com/

Recycle the paper and liner

Take paper-based tapes, bags, and boxes to the closest recycling bin so they can live on. Our bubble liner is a mix of PET and PE and can be recycled as mixed plastics #7. Our CMS liner is a 100% Polyester product and will be labeled #1 PETE. It can be disposed of in any curbside recycling.

Recycle the plastic

Deposit the plastic in the appropriate recycling bins. Our clear bags are made from all virgin Polyethylene film and are fully recyclable.